CPE Clinical Pastoral Education

If you are an MDiv student, CPE means two things:

  1. A jail ministry course during first year
    The jail ministry course if taught by the seminary, and you will visit the local jail, travelling by car together with classmates once a week.
  2. A summer internship as a chaplain
    CPE also refers to a summer internship, normally around 10 weeks, during which you will work as a chaplain at, for example, a hospital. During your first semester you will need to apply for a place at an internship. Selection for summer programs is normally done during the fall, so if you don’t apply during the first semester you are unlikely to get a place for the following summer.

About CPE internships

You have to do this to graduate. There are programs all around the US and Canada. Some programs will offer you a stipend, some programs cost between $400 – $900. Most programs in the NY area do not offer stipends.

St. Vlad’s does help with some of the expense of CPE – reimbursing after the unit is completed. “Qualified students are eligible for reimbursement of the hospital fee (minus financial aid provided by the hospital) and a $500 stipend (summer only).” (source)


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