IT in the Library

You can scan book chapters, articles etc. on the library copier and email the scan as a PDF to yourself. If you don’t know how, the staff at the library can show you. You can also print documents on the library copier or printer from anywhere, but there is a cost per page.

Go to http://chania:9191/user and use the SVS user name and password that the seminary provides you with (it is the same as the password for your SVOTS email). You can upload a document here and print it. Your username for printing/scanning/copying is the first part of your SVOTS email address. So if you are Henrietta Schniersonberger, and your SVOTS email is, then your username for copying and printing will just be hschniersonberger. If you want to copy anything you can type this username and password into the copier, and it will draw from your balance. Otherwise you can also feed quarters into the copier.

Paying for printing and copies

You can buy refills for your printing/copying account at the seminary book store. You pay $10 and get an alphanumeric code to enter at the site above.


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