What classes will I be taking?

This page shows the course requirements for the different degree programs year by year. For example if you are a first year Antiochian MDiv student in 2017, your required courses are:

  • BL 100 (3) (a three credit course in Biblical languages – more info on this below)
  • CH 110 (3)
  • OT 100 (3)
  • PA 204 (3)
  • AR 020-1 (1)
  • CPE 101 (1)
  • LM 030A-1 (1)
  • SP 101 (1)
To find the course descriptions look here (skip to page 86 of the PDF)
NOTE: The abbreviations “BL” and “CH” etc. are not used in the course descriptions so searching for “CH 110” in the PDF will not work. AR= Arabic, LM = Liturgical Music, PA = Patristics, CPE = Clinical Pastoral Education, SP = Spirituality.

How to register

Fill out this form. Instructions for who to give it to are on the form. This will also give you an idea of your weekly schedule.

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