CSA (community supported agriculture co-op)

For families interested in organic produce the cheapest option is a CSA share (community supported agriculture).  You pay up front, but then you get a weekly amount of organic produce. Broken up over the 20+ weeks, the price is very reasonable, usually $25-$30.  Families have participated in two.


White Plains CSA has the best produce of any CSA we’ve done.  The shares are a nice size, perfect for a family of four or five.  The pick-up is in White Plains, and there is no pick up during the Jewish High Holy Days (which can be a bit of a pain).

http://www.norwoodfoodcoop.org  This CSA is in the Bronx.  Although the quality of the produce isn’t as phenomenal as the White Plains CSA, the quantity is significantly more. They also offer a fruit share.


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