Bronx Zoo

Takes about 20 minutes to drive from the seminary. There are multiple parking lots.

Free on Wednesdays.

A one-year Family Zoos Plus pass will get three adults in and up to four kids, and you can add on an optional fee to be able to park for free whenever you visit. That also gets you free parking at the New York Aquarium beside Coney Island.




The closest library is the Crestwood Library (). It takes about 15 minutes to walk from St. Vlad’s, and it has a large kids section. You can borrow books from one branch in Yonkers and return them at another. You can also have books sent to your local branch from other branches.

The Crestwood branch regularly has fun activities for kids like Saturday movies, singing groups for toddlers, arts and crafts, chess games and more.

That library is part of the Yonkers Public Library system. Another branch close by is Grinton I. Will Public library (

There are also public libraries in Tuckahoe and Eastchester

Croton Gorge Dam

Beautiful place for a picnic in the fall or summer. Big lawn, picnic tables. There are bathrooms and the kids can splash in the water at the bottom of the dam.

Parking fees: $5 with Park Pass, $10 without Park Pass — Fri., Sat., & Sun., May through September only; County park pass is not required for admission.

New York Botanical Gardens

Free admission on Wednesdays and Saturday morning beteen 9-10 AM. The free admission doesn’t include the green houses and a few different areas within the park.

Take the train from Crestwood to “Botanical Gardens” and the park is right across the street from the train station.