Greenburgh Nature Center

Five minute drive North on Central Ave., free parking
Free access to 33-acre beautiful woodland grounds for walking/picnicking
Visit website for discounted admission pass to manor house and live animal museum

Croton Gorge Dam

Beautiful place for a picnic in the fall or summer. Big lawn, picnic tables. There are bathrooms and the kids can splash in the water at the bottom of the dam.

Parking fees: $5 with Park Pass, $10 without Park Pass — Fri., Sat., & Sun., May through September only; County park pass is not required for admission.

New York Botanical Gardens

Free admission on Wednesdays and Saturday morning beteen 9-10 AM. The free admission doesn’t include the green houses and a few different areas within the park.

Take the train from Crestwood to “Botanical Gardens” and the park is right across the street from the train station.