What classes will I be taking?

This page shows the course requirements for the different degree programs year by year. For example if you are a first year Antiochian MDiv student in 2017, your required courses are:

  • BL 100 (3) (a three credit course in Biblical languages – more info on this below)
  • CH 110 (3)
  • OT 100 (3)
  • PA 204 (3)
  • AR 020-1 (1)
  • CPE 101 (1)
  • LM 030A-1 (1)
  • SP 101 (1)
To find the course descriptions look here (skip to page 86 of the PDF)
NOTE: The abbreviations “BL” and “CH” etc. are not used in the course descriptions so searching for “CH 110” in the PDF will not work. AR= Arabic, LM = Liturgical Music, PA = Patristics, CPE = Clinical Pastoral Education, SP = Spirituality.

How to register

Fill out this form. Instructions for who to give it to are on the form. This will also give you an idea of your weekly schedule.

What books will I need?

This is a list of books for each course. Most students find that it is not necessary to buy all the books on the list. Many times they can be borrowed from other students, or you might only need to buy one or two on the list.

What is the schedule like?


This is a calendar of chapel services, though the complete schedule may not be available outside of term time.

  • Daily Matins is normally at 7:30 am Mon-Thurs
  • Daily Vespers is at 5:00 pm Mon-Thurs
  • Great Vespers or Vigil is at 6:30 pm Saturday
  • Divine Liturgy is at 9:00 am on Sunday


  • 9:15 – 11:45 Morning classes
  • 1:00 – 4:45 Afternoon classes
    Some classes in this slot are around 1 1/2 hr long, and don’t fit the time slots exactly.
  • 6:45 – 9:45 pm There are some evening classes, most of them 1/5 hrs long. There is also choir rehearsal every Thursday evening, and starting fall 2007 a choir rehearsal on Monday afternoon.

Fridays are normally free from classes and chapel services. Most students have at least one or two afternoons without classes, and some students will have a class-free day in the middle of the week, depending on their schedule.

CPE Clinical Pastoral Education

If you are an MDiv student, CPE means two things:

  1. A jail ministry course during first year
    The jail ministry course if taught by the seminary, and you will visit the local jail, travelling by car together with classmates once a week.
  2. A summer internship as a chaplain
    CPE also refers to a summer internship, normally around 10 weeks, during which you will work as a chaplain at, for example, a hospital. During your first semester you will need to apply for a place at an internship. Selection for summer programs is normally done during the fall, so if you don’t apply during the first semester you are unlikely to get a place for the following summer.

About CPE internships

You have to do this to graduate. There are programs all around the US and Canada. Some programs will offer you a stipend, some programs cost between $400 – $900. Most programs in the NY area do not offer stipends.

St. Vlad’s does help with some of the expense of CPE – reimbursing after the unit is completed. “Qualified students are eligible for reimbursement of the hospital fee (minus financial aid provided by the hospital) and a $500 stipend (summer only).” (source)