The seminary address is:

575 Scarsdale Rd.
Yonkers, NY 10707

There is sometimes some confusion about the address to St. Vlad’s. If you look up the zip code 10707 it says “Tuckahoe”. But the actual city is Yonkers.

The Tuckahoe post office is the closest, and that is why the zip code is shared, but the village of Tuckahoe is actually part of the town of Eastchester. The seminary is in the city of Yonkers.

Sometimes you will also see the address written as “Crestwood, NY” – especially on older SVS books. The closest train station is Crestwood, and the seminary campus backs onto Crestwood lake. But Crestwood is also a village in the town of Eastchester.

If you get a NY driver’s license that says, “Tuckahoe” you might have trouble getting a Yonkers library card, and the closest libraries are in the city of Yonkers. Crestwood library, for example, is in the city of Yonkers, not the village of Crestwood!

You will have to tell the staff at the DMV that, even though the zip code is 10707, your address is actually in Yonkers. Sometimes they accommodate you, sometimes not. Banks and websites may default to Tuckahoe as well.

If your mail is sent to “575 Scarsdale Rd, Tuckahoe …” it will get to St. Vlad’s just fine, but there are times when it is better to have the right address on official papers.


Some of the closest hotels that people in the community have recommended

Hampton Inn & Suites, Yonkers,

Ardsley Acres hotel,

This is a very affordable hotel about 15 minutes away from the seminary.

Central Motel Courtyard,

Alexander Motel,

Remember that White Plains is easier to get to than downtown Yonkers from the seminary.

Look for more at

Driving your moving truck

It is possible to park your moving truck on campus when you’re moving in and out, but space can be tight. It helps if you discuss it with others who live in your building. Sometimes people move their cars and empty out a strategic space in the parking lot so that you can put your moving truck somewhere that doesn’t block the road.

Caution: No moving trucks on the parkways!!

The bridges that go across many of the parkways in this area are too low to drive trucks underneath. There are signs everywhere warning you “no trucks” but that’s not just 18-wheelers. Even if you’re just driving a small U-haul truck, you can’t drive it on:

  • Bronx River pkwy
  • Sprain Brook pkwy
  • Hutchinson River pkwy
  • Lower level of the George Washington Bridge

Your GPS probably won’t know this! You will need to drive on Central Park Ave, and turn off on Crisfield St.


The closest stop of the NY Subway is Woodlawn. Don’t confuse the Train station and the subway station that share the same name – they are on opposite sides of a very large cemetary.

From the subway station you can take the trains and transfer to anywhere in New York. Parking in the area is usually easy to find and cheap. The subway is much cheaper than the train, and goes to many more places. The Metro North train only stops at two places in Manhattan, whereas the subway goes all over.

Maps, schedules and fares are here.

Metro-North Train

The Metro-North is a commuter line from Grand Central Station in New York going North on a number of lines. The closest stop is Crestwood, about 15 minutes’ walk from St. Vlad’s. The subway can often be even cheaper, and get you to a wider variety of stops.

The train can be a very efficient way of getting into the city, and children ride for next to nothing when accompanied by an adult on weekends.

Times and fares are here.


La Guardia  easiest to get to of the three major airports via Whitestone Bridge about 30 minutes one way.


JFK  use La Guardia route and follow signs to JFK.  Allow at least one hour travel time.  Pick-up at JFK can be tricky, may require sitting in a lot. 


Westchester Regional Airport Is about 25 minutes away from St. Vlad’s in the other direction. It is often more expensive to fly into, but sometimes you can get a good connection at a good price.


Newark Liberty International Airport is a 45-1hr drive away.