The closest stop of the NY Subway is Woodlawn. Don’t confuse the Train station and the subway station that share the same name – they are on opposite sides of a very large cemetary.

From the subway station you can take the trains and transfer to anywhere in New York. Parking in the area is usually easy to find and cheap. The subway is much cheaper than the train, and goes to many more places. The Metro North train only stops at two places in Manhattan, whereas the subway goes all over.

Maps, schedules and fares are here.

Metro-North Train

The Metro-North is a commuter line from Grand Central Station in New York going North on a number of lines. The closest stop is Crestwood, about 15 minutes’ walk from St. Vlad’s. The subway can often be even cheaper, and get you to a wider variety of stops.

The train can be a very efficient way of getting into the city, and children ride for next to nothing when accompanied by an adult on weekends.

Times and fares are here.