Driving your moving truck

It is possible to park your moving truck on campus when you’re moving in and out, but space can be tight. It helps if you discuss it with others who live in your building. Sometimes people move their cars and empty out a strategic space in the parking lot so that you can put your moving truck somewhere that doesn’t block the road.

Caution: No moving trucks on the parkways!!

The bridges that go across many of the parkways in this area are too low to drive trucks underneath. There are signs everywhere warning you “no trucks” but that’s not just 18-wheelers. Even if you’re just driving a small U-haul truck, you can’t drive it on:

  • Bronx River pkwy
  • Sprain Brook pkwy
  • Hutchinson River pkwy
  • Lower level of the George Washington Bridge

Your GPS probably won’t know this! You will need to drive on Central Park Ave, and turn off on Crisfield St.